April, 2020
April, 2020

Valid daily, now through 31 May 2020
at Rabiangthong, Peperoni, Scenery Lounge, Triple Two, The Mint World Tapas Bar
For more information, please call
02 635 7043

Remark / Terms & Conditions:
• To collect/redeem points, add LINE:
• 1 point will be awarded automatically for each 2,000 Baht spent on food and drinks per receipt / single visit.
• Points are awarded the same day as eligible purchase
• Points may NOT be redeemed, in whole or in part, for cash, nor exchanged for products or services not specified.
• Point redemptions are NOT valid for use conjunction with any other offer, redemption card, discount or promotion.
• All accumulated points expire on May 31st, 2020. No points may be redeemed or will be awarded beyond this date.
• Narai Hotel Company Limited reserves the right to change Terms and conditions without notice.

5 Venues… 2 Hotels… One ‘Thank You’ offer you’re gonna LOVE at Triple Two Silom Hotel and Narai Hotel

For those who enjoy our irresistible delicacies and sweeping menu selections and keep coming back for more, now you get reward points redeemable for selected popular food items every time you visit any Narai Hotel or Triple Two Silom Hotel dining venue.

Here’s how it works: For every 2,000 Baht spent per receipt/visit, you get 1 point. Collected points may be redeemed for selected dining and food items.

Redeem 15 points
for 2 pan pizzas at Peperoni (780 Baht value / selected toppings only)
Redeem 20 points
for 1 Gift voucher for dinner buffet at Rabiangthong restaurant— 1,200 Baht value OR 1 Gift voucher for any menu items at Peperoni (1,000 Baht value / 1 reward per redemption)
Redeem 25 points
for 2 Gift vouchers for dinner buffet at Rabiangthong restaurant (2,400 Baht value) OR 1 Gift voucher for any menu items at Peperoni (2,000 Baht value / 1 reward per redemption)

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